Mineral City

From 1819 to 1877, the Town of Mineral was known as Fellow’s Mill, named after Colonel Levi Fellows and the saw mill he had erected near the bridge over Plummer Creek in Richland Township.  Levi Fellow’s daughter married Abel Faucett and their son, Levi Faucett, eventually took over the mill.  In 1905, Levi Faucett built the Levi Faucett & Sons Chair Factory in Bloomfield where hardwood furniture was built from lumber cut by the Fellow-Faucett Saw Mill at Mineral.  Mineral City was laid out into 75 lots by Clelland Dodds and Samuel Rhorer and was recorded on May 21, 1887.  The plat shows the railroad going right through the middle of town.  At that time, there were two general stores, a blacksmith shop, a wagon shop, a wood yard, a dressmaker, a post office, a lodge hall, a church, and a one-room school.  Mineral City was one of the busiest, thriving cities in Greene County largely due to the great lumber dealer, Levi Faucett, who employed a host of hands in his saw mill besides the ones he had cutting timber.  The Monon Railroad and Faucett’s Mill were two things Mineral City could not live without.  The train’s last run was in 1935 and today, the church is the only public building in Mineral City.

Provided by Mildred “Milly” (Coleman) Uland