Greene County Backroads

If you’re looking for a beautiful drive through the open countryside, then Greene County is definitely the place for you.  Maybe “Leaf Peeping” is something to consider for your weekend itinerary this autumn or possibly a day of bird watching when the freshness of spring is in the air. Regardless of your motivation, the backroads of Greene County will reveal to you the natural wonder of our varied terrain. From hillside to valley, lake to prairie, marsh to woodland, farmland to quaint little towns, you will discover hospitality at every turn. We’re glad you’re here. Welcome Home.

To begin your “Scenic Journey” through Greene County, follow the solid green line on the large county map.  Regardless of where you begin, it will take you to all corners of the county. For stops along the way, use the “Express Route” identified by the solid yellow line on the large county map. For excursions off the beaten path, follow the colored dashed lines to the destination of your choosing.