By 1818, pioneers settled along Indian Creek in Center Township and soon had a store, gristmill, and distillery.  At voting time, when the settlers along the creek poured into the settlement to vote, they drank too much and raised such a ruckus that the area became known as Screamersville.  When word reached the settlement that the county seat at Burlington was to be relocated because of the lack of water, the citizens rushed out and marked off a plot of ground and named it “Town Square”.  To them, water was no problem with Indian Creek and free flowing springs everywhere.  Additionally, the cattle could roam without constant fear of wolves as they had been thinned out by Kentucky Riflemen.  Discarding the name Screamersville, the site became known as Jonesboro (also spelled Jonesborough).  When a post office was necessary, they found out that there was another village by that name.  With the disappointment of not getting the county seat or retaining the name of Jonesboro, they accepted the name of the post office as Hobbieville, however, all county business pertaining to the land was listed as Jonesboro.

Provided by Mildred “Milly” (Coleman) Uland