Largest Sycamore Tree

Located in the Worthington City Park just northwest of Downtown Worthington on Worthington Street, a monument containing one of the surviving remnants of this tree, the western limb (23 ft. 2 in. in circumference) and smaller of the two, was moved to this location in 1925 after it succumbed to a storm.  The Great Sycamore Tree was originally located on the Sloan-Dixon Farm about a ½ mile east of Worthington in the White River Bottoms of Highland Township.  Estimated at 500 years old, the Oxford Journal of Heredity reported in September 1915 that the tree was the largest “Broad-Leaf Tree in the United States” measuring 42 feet 3 inches in circumference.  In its heyday, the shady tree was a popular place young lovers because the tree was so hollow one could have picnics inside the trunk and so large that a horse and buggy could easily be hidden behind it.